Simon's World

A bench fan for cooling electronics. This Project was built with the intention to be as cheap as possible and to show my girlfriend that not all my projects have to be over-engineered. C++
WIP m5stack
Handheld barcode scanner based on a ESP32 with wifi integration. This project contains several components: 3D CAD plans of the case, electrical wiring / pcb, embedded firmware and java backend service. C C++ Java
Generate hl7 data structures of tables and segments / component hirarchy. Currently generating C code that then can be compiled into a dll/so. It provides methods for looking up hl7 schema information of hl7 version 2.1 - 2.8.0. C Python
Experiments with Arm M0+ Assembly and Raspberry Pi Pico PIO state machine. C ASM
WIP web-ipc
Trigger remote execution from a web-site on a local machine. Utilizes web-sockes for communication, supports streams. This Project is WIP! GO
Detour enables switching between versions of executables without having to change launcher configuration. C
A cross-platform hl7 viewer for Windows, Linux und MacOS. C C++ Qt5 Python
A configurable custom protocol handler for your shell. C Lua
Upload local Documents over http/https. C++ Qt5
Open network share from an internal web-page. Rust
RFID reader system for tracking class presences for Trainees. Java Jersey Angular Python
An effort to produce a working Covid-19 Certificate decoder for the Swiss Covid-19 Passport. Java
WS Lua
Small and efficient Websocket Server written in C, with a built in Lua interpreter. C Lua
UPS Watch
Daemon to observe the powerlevel and state of an UPS of a RaspPI. C
fn() Generator
Sine and square wave generator for ESP32. C++
Firebase Backend
A Firebase Messaging backend example for iOS. Java
A simple C and C++ ini parser library. C C++